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Encrypted media and signaling.

Our encrypted and authenticated infrastructure means that your customer data is always private and secure.

Why it’s important
  • We recognize that security is an essential consideration and that’s why we’ve fully reviewed and addressed our customers’ needs.
  • Sensitive user information remains secure.
  • We stay up to date with the latest security technologies.
  • Offer fully confidential calls and services to your customers.
Security by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
We Don’t Collect PII

With OpenTok, all your user data is anonymized. End user data including logins, IP addresses, identities, payment information and more are never shared with TokBox.


We use industry standard security technologies such as HTTPS support, secure RTP, HTTP authentication, secure WebSockets and application level authentication using tokens. This ensures that your information is always safe, whether it’s media, API or messaging traffic.

Encrypted Archiving

With Encrypted Archiving, archived data is never unencrypted at rest or in transit providing the highest level of security. This enables customers to meet the most stringent of compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Regional Media Zones

Regional Media Zones gives customers the ability to host media and signaling traffic in the US, European Union, or in Germany, to meet specific compliance and privacy requirements of those regions.

Learn more about Regional Media Zones in our data sheet here.

GDPR Compliance

We have taken all of the steps to ensure that the OpenTok platform is GDPR compliant. This includes updating our privacy policy, which reflects the latest compliance and privacy regulations set forth by the GDPR.

Learn more about GDPR and our compliance in our whitepaper.


By default the media streams passing through the OpenTok platform are encrypted using AES 128-bit encryption. For enhanced security, the OpenTok platform also supports AES-256 for stronger encryption and security on media streams.

Learn more about our security features.
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