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Industry leading, feature rich video calls.

Our industry leading Video API makes it easy to embed high quality and scalable video communications within the context of your web and mobile applications.

How you can use it
  • Power 1:1 video calls for customer service, tutoring, expert consultations and more
  • Enable multi-party calls for team collaboration, virtual classrooms and more.
  • Create talk show formats with hosts, guests, and large audiences.
  • Power broadcast scenarios for seminars, webinars and large media events.
Video calls by OpenTok powered by WebRTC
Secure Streaming

Your data is safe with TokBox. Our platform is also Safe Harbour certified and uses industry standard encryption and authentication practices.

Multi-party Support

Fully functioning and high-quality multi-party calls.

Ability to Archive

Our industry-leading Archiving API enables you to securely record calls. Whether you need it for monitoring or auditing purposes, to distribute content, or to record customer service calls, we are the first and only company to offer video archiving capabilities in the WebRTC space.

Corporate Network Compatible

With built-in support for TURN and STUN protocols, we enable the best possible experience in your corporate environment behind firewalls.

Endpoints Supported

Our video capability is supported across all major .js and mobile endpoints in addition to unofficial community support including xamarin, phonegap and cordova.

Control over Look & Feel

OpenTok integrates seamlessly into the applications and workflows you’ve already deployed. Customize your video streams however you or your customers want.

High Quality

You can configure resolution for each individual publisher participant as needed by controlling video bitrate and frame rate.

Dynamic Adaptation

Whether participating from a mobile device on a 3G network, or a laptop with spotty wifi, our technology optimizes bitrate, frame rate and other parameters dynamically for your users. This dynamic adaptation, combined with our audio fallback options, means that calls are not disrupted.

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