Usage Pricing

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Starting as low as $9.99/monthWhen your application reaches volume scale, you'll automatically get volume pricing.
  • $9.99/monthYour base fee
  • $0.00475per minute
    2K - 100K
  • $0.00450per minute
    100K - 500K
  • $0.00425per minute
    500K - 1.5M
  • $0.00400per minute
    1.5M - 5M
  • High volumeContact us
    5M +
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Archiving Pricing

Select the file format that works best for you.

Individual Stream File

For post-processing control over layout and media format of each individual stream.

$0.025 per session minute
SIP Interconnect Pricing

SIP Interconnect usage is based on the duration in minutes of each call to a SIP endpoint.

$0.005 per minute
Broadcast Live Streaming (HLS)
Content Created

Content created is the session duration, independent of the number of publishers or viewers.

Cost is based on the total length of the broadcast session in minutes

$0.10 per minute
Content Viewed

Content viewed minutes are the total number of content minutes viewed by all viewers

Cost is based on the number of viewers and the content

$0.005 per minute
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