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TokBox for Enterprise

Scale with premium services and enhanced features to get to market faster, reduce costs and ensure quality with our Enterprise package.

Trusted by Leading Businesses Around the World
Best-In-Class Security
Have peace of mind knowing your data is secure and compliant with industry regulations through our dedicated Enterprise environment and enhanced security features.
Dedicated Enterprise Environment
Your data is secure in our dedicated Enterprise environment, providing a reliable server for session data. Within this environment, we offer secure APIs and SDKs, as well as a scheduled feature release cadence.
Enhanced Security AES-256 Encryption, Regional Media Zones, HIPAA & BAA, IP Whitelisting
Build applications that meet your company, industry or client security needs. We support the latest security capabilities with advanced features to comply with requirements and ensure that sensitive user information remains secure.

Ensure Quality and Connectivity

Our backend infrastructure ensures reliable connectivity and data security, providing capabilities for corporate and global firewalls. We also provide actionable insights for debugging and session optimization.

Enhanced Connectivity: Configurable TURN & China Relay
We offer seamless support for STUN and TURN, ensuring your media can be relayed efficiently in the result of firewalls. For customers who have users in China, we offer capabilities to support global connectivity and high-quality bandwidth.
Actionable Data: Advanced Insights
Debug and troubleshoot efficiently with project-level usage, quality and error metrics right in your account dashboard. You can also ingest this data into your own internal dashboards through our API to programmatically track performance.
Boost Productivity with Client Services
Your customer success manager partners with your team to provide you with the resources you need before you need them, ensuring efficiency and saving valuable development hours.
A major insurance provider reduced their claims cycle time from 6 days to 24 hours using the OpenTok Platform, leading to cost savings and greater customer satisfaction.
Dedicated Customer Success Team
Your dedicated customer success manager will assist you while your organization gets started with TokBox, from proof of concept all the way to a full scale deployment with rapid technical and design services.
Ongoing Assistance
Immediately have access to white glove onboarding, a customized success plan and quarterly business reviews. You’ll also have the opportunity to preview the product roadmap and have technical health assessments.
24/7 Personal Support and Escalation Service
Need immediate support? Access to our technical helpdesk 24/7, with a priority 2 hour targeted support (over the phone and email). Additionally, we offer a SLA 99.5% uptime, guaranteed.

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