Webinar:Best Practices for Building Multi-Party Calling with WebRTC

Duration: 30 minutes

Innovation in communications technology is transforming the way we conduct business online. With constraints around non-uniform network qualities, end-point hardware capacity and bandwidth, building a successful app with embedded communications can be challenging.

This webinar will share best practices for developing a first-class multi-party calling experience with the OpenTok platform that includes high-quality media, scale, and more.

You will learn how to:
  • Consistently deliver high-quality video for key participants using scalable video
  • Improve the experience with user bandwidth data
  • Build an experience that scales
  • Best practices for UX and UI in a large calls
Melih OnvuralDirector of Product, TokBox

Melih Onvural is Director of Product at TokBox. With a background in Software Engineering, Melih has spent the past four years prototyping, evangelizing and shepherding the OpenTok platform from a web-only Flash client, to a cross-platform, protocol neutral offering. He now focuses on delivering a truly endpoint agnostic live video platform bringing the highest quality face-to-face experience wherever people want to communicate.

José Carlos PujolSenior Software Developer, TokBox

José Carlos Pujol is a Senior Software Developer at TokBox. With a background in Electrical Engineering, José Carlos specializes in the areas of signal processing, computer vision, video coding and 3D computer graphics. At TokBox he focuses on designing the mechanisms for providing the best quality video and audience experience, whether it's for a one to one call or large scale multiparty video-conference.

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