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A Guide to How Brands Are Using Interactive Broadcast

2017 has seen an explosion of live video on the internet – from streaming and broadcasts on traditional social platforms, to group video chat on all new social mobile apps. In 2017 and beyond, brands and consumers will be pushing the boundaries of creative content – and those who don’t embrace live video just might get left behind.

In this guide, you will learn about the rise of interactive real-time video: beginning with the first wave of one-way streaming apps, to the recent wave of interactive broadcast and how brands are leveraging live video to engage a mass audience at scale.

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A Guide to Live Video in Asia

The Asia Pacific market is hungry for live video. With a rapidly growing population raised in a mobile first world, there are huge opportunities for businesses to reach a market of hundreds of millions consumers with interactive live video.

In this guide you will learn about the rise of live video in Asia: its origins, its evolution, its use cases and its enormous potential for any organization wishing to connect with and engage this booming consumer and business market.

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How Interactive Live Video Is Making Banking Personal Again

As high street bank branches are being closed in favour of online services and mobile apps, the friendly face and personal touch from a bank teller, once an integral part of the customer experience, have largely been replaced by automation. Despite this, and the increasingly customer expectation to complete banking transactions whenever and wherever they want, many customers still desire human interaction when it comes to their money. In an attempt to marry convenience and personalized service, banks are turning to interactive live video for their websites and mobile apps. This guide will demonstrate how interactive live video is ushering in a new era of service in retail banking.

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What Is WebRTC And Why Should I Care?

WebRTC is one of the fastest growing technology standards of all time. Bringing the power of communication directly into the apps and websites that users, employees and are using all the time. Across a range of industries, WebRTC is driving more efficient and effective experiences, user experiences and business outcomes. This paper will explain WebRTC, the reasons behind its explosion, the benefits of adoptions and real world implementations of this technology.

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A Guide To Interactive Live Video In Healthcare & The Telehealth Revolution

The telehealth industry is undergoing rapid growth with the global market set to reach $6.5 billion over the next 5 years. Live video is increasingly being embedded into telehealth offerings including websites, mobile apps and medical workflows to deliver convenient, affordable and quality remote care. TokBox has conducted research into consumer usage and appetite for live video in healthcare. This paper will explore this demand and how healthcare organizations can seize the explosion of consumer live video to deliver better care.

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Live Video In Financial Services

How we access and store our money is of paramount importance, and a service which we want to be secure, as well as convenient. Live video offers online financial services the opportunity to provide this – retaining the reassuring human element, while still providing constant access on-the-go. This paper explores the unique opportunities available to financial services through live video and ways they can deliver personalized customer service.

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The Rise Of Embedded Live Video In Customer Service

With consumers now constantly connected and increasingly doing everything online, they are expecting more from the companies that they interact with. Now customer service interactions can make or break a customer-business relationship. With hundreds of thousands of such interactions per day, it is vital for any organization to make sure it is providing innovative and customer-focused help services. This paper will explore how live video can help organizations deliver innovative, personalized, contextualized and efficient services to all customers.

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The Rise Of Live Video In Social Media

Social media has long been an integral part of daily life for many and in recent years live video has become an increasingly important part of this. For example, when Facebook launched a live video option on its messenger app last year there were over one million calls made in its first two days. This paper explores this rise of live streaming in social media and the opportunities for social network providers to leverage real-time video technology.

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Education Guide: How To Survive And Thrive In A Live Video World

The explosion of consumer live video, combined with the dramatic demand and growth of online education services has led many education organizations to leverage interactive online video. Driven by process efficiency, engagement and outcomes, live video is now being embedded into core learning environments. This paper explores how education companies are leveraging the explosion of consumer live video to deliver better experiences and improved outcomes.

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Consumers Want More Than FaceTime For Brands

Live video - once a novelty - has entered the mainstream. Everyone is now using live video to communicate with friends and family. With live video becoming the norm, brands and companies are now looking to communicate with their customers through this medium. TokBox conducted research into consumer usage and appetite for live video in B2C communications. This guide will unveil the growth in video chat, the opportunity for brands and best practices to prepare your customer service strategy for the rise of live video.

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The Rise Of Fan Engagement

In an increasingly fragmented digital world, the way fans consume and engage with sports has changed. In order to engage their socially active and always online fans, sports broadcasters are looking to create new online experiences. Digital technologies including WebRTC and Interactive Broadcast solutions are increasingly being leveraged to do this. This paper explores how embedded communications are being used in order to meet and exceed media new fan expectations and transform the broadcast industry.

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Forrester Study: Business Success Through Embedded Communications

Embedded Communications are increasingly being leveraged by organizations to bridge the gap between colleagues, businesses and customers. This March 2016 study, Business Success Through Embedded Communication Technology, explores the results of a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by TokBox, to evaluate the adoption impact of WebRTC among enterprises across customer service, field services, healthcare, education, and financial services.

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Embedded Communications In Healthcare

While demand for healthcare continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, healthcare providers are facing significant challenges to provide timely and convenient care to patients while still retaining the human element that is so vital to healthcare. This paper explores how embedded communications are being leveraged in order to overcome these challenges and to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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The Real-Time Revolution Of E-Learning

This paper explores emerging trends within e-Learning. Four key drivers are pushing education into a new era: new technology, new attitudes, declining funds, and rising demand. Find out how Duolingo, Chegg, Minerva Project & more are leveraging real-time communication to disrupt traditional learning models.

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The Role Of Video In B2B Communications

This paper explores the use of video within B2B communications: how it can work, models for success and key deployment decisions. It aims to provide a template and examples to help guide key decisions for implementation of real time communication, to help your organization become more efficient and effective.

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