Forrester Study:Business Success Through Embedded Communication Technology

New communications technologies are being leveraged by organizations to bridge the ever growing gap between colleagues, businesses, and their customers.

WebRTC is one technology that organizations are adopting to deliver the new wave of digital communications, to facilitate conversations and to win, serve, and retain customers.

TokBox commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the impact of WebRTC among enterprises across five key industries: customer service, field services, healthcare, education, and financial services. The results of the March 2016 study, Business Success Through Embedded Communication Technology, reveal the vast majority of enterprises are engaged in real-time communications technologies across their organizations, and those that do reap undisputable benefits.

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You will learn:
  • The drivers behind the shift towards embedded communications
  • How embedded communications is used across industries
  • How real-time communications improve core business functionalities
  • The adoption impact of embedded communications on businesses
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