White paper :The Role Of Video In B2B Communications

Communications within businesses, and between businesses, are fundamentally changing. Like all new implementations, communication apps require companies to consider many factors: technology platforms and configurations, human factors around adoption and usage, as well as the potential impacts – both intended and unintended.

This paper explores the use of video within B2B communications: how it can work, models for success and key deployment decisions. It aims to provide a template and examples to help guide key decisions for implementation of real time communications, to help your organization become more efficient and effective.

What you will learn
  • The drivers behind a range of rapidly emerging use case categories, including ‘Help Me Fix It’, ‘Enhanced Decision Making’, ‘Video selling’, ‘Service Delivery’ and ‘Personalized Relationships’.
  • The role and impact of mobile and ‘Bring Your Own’ trends.
  • How real time B2B communications are being used in the real world.
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