Safari 11 Browser Support (beta):Now available through the OpenTok Platform in beta. No plugins. No Downloads

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The OpenTok Platform, Now for Safari 11 in Beta

The leading live video platform for WebRTC has expanded its reach to Safari 11 on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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Future Proof Your App

The upcoming Safari 11 browser for Mac and iOS will be compatible with WebRTC.
In anticipation of general availability, you can now use the OpenTok.js beta to test your WebRTC-powered app with the Safari 11 pre-release on:

*The beta also interoperates with Chrome & Firefox.

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Developer Workshop:WebRTC on Safari

Thursday @ 6pm, TokBox HQ | San Francisco

Apple announced at WWDC on June 5th that Safari 11 on iOS and Mac will have full support for WebRTC. In this practical hands-on workshop for developers, you can watch the live coding demos and follow-along directly. Join TokBox engineers for food, drink, and great conversations.

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