AngelHack SV June 2012

Ankur and I had ALOT of fun at AngelHack Silicon Valley that took place a few days ago. We took pictures!

We gave out Tons of Free Swag, spoke to developers about how you can put video chat into your application through our OpenTok API, gave a live-coding demo about how easy it was to use it in your own site, and then hacked and helped out developers who needed help throughout the night.

We answered all sorts of questions: Rails, NodeJS, Sinatra, iOS programming, PhoneGap, every question was handled. If you don’t know already, we’re friendly. You don’t need an OpenTok question to come talk to us.

Long Story short, there were 7 projects that came out using OpenTok API, and two of them took the City Winners! The winners can be found on angelhack blog.

Synco de Mayo: Synchronized co-browsing experience

Built by: Raphie PalefskySmith (Developer) Get your answers answered quickly!
Built by Jesse Pollak (Developer), Brennen Byrne (Developer), Jordan Goldstein (Developer), Conway Anderson (Designer), and Cheryl Wu ( Designer)

and another that we really liked that we thought deserved mention:

Project Wing: Collaborate and share on documents together with other students

Built by Sumukh Sridhara (Developer), Richie Zeng (Developer), Vaishaal Shankar (Developer), and Parama Varma (Developer)

Congradulations guys! We really enjoyed playing with your app. Unfortunately, we only have one prize, and it goes to! Their app kicks ass and Ankur and I had a great time playing with it.

Our next event is this weekend in San Francisco! Come Join us at GTUGSF! Every developer or aspiring developer is welcome.

Did you know that for this event (GTUSF), you get to vote for your own prize?