Introducing TokShow

Someone once told me that if your customers are forcing you to move so quickly that you’re constantly on the brink of crashing, you’re likely onto something big. I’m starting to believe that more and more with each day.

In the last two months the TokBox team has been moving at record speeds. We’re doing something right. In fact, I think we’re doing a lot right. The small pieces that we’ve been pushing on for a long time are starting to come together as we had imagined and hoped they would.

Most recently, we’ve been working on one of our newest plug-n-play apps, TokShow, which has been the cause of much of this craziness. TokShow allows musicians, politicians, celebrities or really anyone to host a live conversation with their followers on any web site. Think MTV’s old-school show TRL hosted by Carson Daly. Your favorite band takes the stage to field questions from the audience about their upcoming album or tour.

With TokShow, that type of fan and celebrity interaction is now possible online to the masses, not just to the crowd lucky enough to be in the studio.

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Video chat with your Facebook friends on TokBox!

I am very happy to announce that as of this afternoon you can video chat on TokBox with all of your Facebook friends. We just rolled out Facebook connect which allows all new and returning users to fill up their contact list with their buddies from Facebook.

For a returning user, the steps are really quite simple.

1. Click the big “ADD” button at the bottom of the contact list and choose “Add account.”

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TokBox Brings the Classroom Online

online classroom virtual classroom webrtc

Broadcast chat launched last week to an overwhelmingly positive response from the education world. You can read a post on Social Times ( regarding recent cuts in school funding across the country and how TokBox can help.  While the free up-to-20 user TokBox experience has always been a compelling offering for educators who want to meet one-on-one with students or among colleagues, the Broadcast offering seems to have hit the spot for those teachers and professors looking for a quick and easy solution for online classes, most of which have many for than 20 students.

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Collaboration Moves to the Next Level!


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Tales from the Ultimate Intern – Last Day

Dear Tokbox Fans,

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Tales from the Ultimate Intern – Week 1

Hey Tokbox fans!

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