Build with the OpenTok Platform Starting at $9.99/month

Build with the OpenTok Platform Starting at $9.99/month

Today we’re announcing the reduction of our minimum monthly fee from $50 to just $9.99. This rate includes your first 2,000 subscribed minutes. If you have an application that uses 2,000 minutes or less per month, you’ll save $40 per month with this change.

As the market for live video continues to grow, we want to make sure that the OpenTok platform is accessible to developers and organizations large and small, across the globe. We learned that $50 can be a barrier to entry for developers who are just testing, startups that are in prolonged trials before launch, or are in emerging markets.

We aren’t changing the underlying starting rate of $.005 per subscribed minute. Our goal with this update is to open the door to a broader audience and provide an accessible entry price point. For existing customers this pricing update will be effective for your account as of May 2, 2017. Your next bill will automatically reflect this new rate retroactively – no action is required on your part. 

We’ve been working hard since 2012 to make OpenTok the world’s leading WebRTC video platform. We want to make sure it is easy and affordable for all developers to try out the many capabilities that can only be found in OpenTok. Introducing a price point that helps everyone is a good start, but we’ve also done the hard work behind the scenes to build a platform that can scale to give you confidence as your business grows.

We’ve made great progress over the past few years to improve the platform itself and the ecosystem we’ve built around it. This minimum monthly fee reduction is just the first of many changes we’re making in the coming months to make building live video into your apps easy and affordable. Stay tuned.