Help LollapalooBox become HackLolla’s winner – Vote now!

HackLolla, a developer contest put on by the Lollapalooza organizers, is looking for the coolest app that helps music fans get the most out of the Lollapalooza experience.

Voting has officially begun and we need your support! You can vote for our app, LollapalooBox, through July 10th, 2011 by going HERE and clicking the blue “vote” button.

LollapalooBox is an online concert experience for fans that can’t make Lollapalooza in person. A mashup of the HackLolla API, the YouTube API for video of the performances and of course the OpenTok API for webcam video streaming, it’s the first app that brings the full concert experience online.

Here’s a quick run through of how LollapalooBox works:

  • A fan enters Lollapaloobox at the “Fairgrounds” View where s/he can get more information about the band playing at each stage at that time.
  • When s/he picks a stage, s/he can choose to interact with others on screen (“Dive into the Mosh Pit”) or view off-screen (“Hang Back and Watch”)
  • S/he can also tell her friends about her experience via Twitter or live chat with other fans via Facebook

You can watch it in action below. Thanks for your support!