Hollywood Hack Day 2012 Was Awesome!

Last Week, I told you I would go to HollywoodHack day, and listed out all the sponsor API and cool things you can build. Well, long story short, I went and it had a GREAT Turnout!

Look at the schedule here.

At the end, there were 24 finished projects, and 170 people attending presentations. List of Hacks!

Who won the TokBox Prize? I gave it to TuneClash. GO PLAY IT!

If I had more prizes, I would have given it out to these projects as well:

Simple Casting: Helping aspiring actors/actresses land gigs in Hollywood.

Social Jam: A Global Music Collaboration. SocialJam unites musicians and music lovers to share impromptu musical collaborations. Users can create profiles, rate, store and share jams.

Celepedia: Gossip and look up information, latest news about celebrities!

To celebrate the hacker spirit, I also built something. I built a Javascript library to sent emails. To use it,

1. Include the library in your site.

<script src="http://snailmail.herokuapp.com/email.js"></script>

2. Use it as a javascript. Pass in an object containing to, from, subject, body

<script> Emailjs.send({to:"email1@blah.com", from:"email2@blah.com", subject: "subject line", body:"body lines"}); </script>

I had a great time in Los Angeles, it’s a great feeling to see the tech scene picking up in my home town. Can’t wait for Hollywood Hack Day 2013!!!