InTheRooms: Bringing Recovery Support into Digital Age

The world loves social networking; that’s a fact. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Path or Tumblr, folks are searching for ways to connect. Despite a wide breadth of options, Ken Pomerance and Ron Tannebaum identified a gap in the social network market back in 2008: there wasn’t a place for the recovery community to connect and provide support for one another.

That’s when they decided to launch In The Rooms, a social network dedicated to the global recovery community. Three years later, they’re revolutionizing the online recovery community again by introducing a fully interactive and completely authentic online AA and NA meeting format powered by OpenTok.Whether through personal experience or the magic of Hollywood, most people know how traditional AA and NA meetings work. There is a “Chairperson” or moderator, a “Speaker” and the audience. The Chairperson runs the meeting and selects which participants will go on stage to speak at any given moment.

What makes the In The Rooms implementation of OpenTok so interesting is that they’ve been able to mimic the real-world meeting format to a t online. The way in which they’ve built speaker-switching functionality is unique. The Chairperson is consistently visible and audible, as is the current Speaker. All other participants that have requested to share on stage are visible, but not audible, to the right of the main stream. With one simple click, the Chairperson can seamlessly move one Speaker off stage, and another on.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from attending a virtual AA or NA meeting, we highly recommend you give In the Rooms a try.