Introducing Inspector: Your new session diagnostic tool

Inspector by TokBoxToday we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our powerful new session diagnostic tool, Inspector. It provides you with a high-level OpenTok session summary at a stream and user level to help pinpoint errors, failures, and quality issues. Our main goal? To simplify your post-session debugging.

Inspector takes the rich and complex operational data that the TokBox engineering team uses to debug OpenTok sessions, and makes it available to you in an easy to use interface. These vital metrics will enable you to drill down into session-level details around:

  • Bit-rate, latency and packet loss graphs at user and stream level
  • Event Logs (Detailed list and description of all session events)
  • User Logs (Information such as location, SDK, browser and client)
  • Error Logs (Details of all errors encountered, time of error and impacted end-users)

Now your technical support team can quickly glance through session data to determine whether an issue was caused by an end-user error, application error, network problem or the OpenTok platform.


By de-blackboxing this data, you can now identify when:

  • a proxy server or firewall prevented an end-user from connecting
  • tokens aren’t generated with the right permission settings at the app level
  • an end-user didn’t ‘allow access’ to their camera/microphone
  • an end-user had a poor network connection or low bandwidth
  • which end-user had a degraded experience
  • and more

Our hope is that this data won’t just help you improve troubleshooting efforts, but will also help inform your application architectural decisions. To get started, simply login to Inspector with your TokBox developer dashboard credentials here:

Once you’re logged in, enter a valid session ID and start debugging. Note that you’ll need to use version 2.4 of our SDKs (or later) to use Inspector.

Most importantly, let us know what you think! Email to share your feedback. We plan to continue iterating on this tool so that it can become as useful as possible.

Stay tuned for a series of posts which will dive into how Inspector can be used for a range of use cases. For a deep dive into Inspector documentation, please visit our Developer Center here.