Introducing: Updates to our Pricing Plans, Account Dashboard & Insights

At TokBox, we’re always inspired by the innovative and powerful companies who work with us. We wanted to make sure our pricing plans provided a way for our diverse set of customers to access features they needed for more flexibility, simplicity and value, and help them achieve success with live video.

Today, we’re excited to announce updates to our pricing plans and packaging capabilities with three TokBox plans – Standard, Growth and Enterprise. 

We’re also introducing the ability for users to add-on features to their plans a la carte. We recognize the importance in giving users flexibility, as we know that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t support all of our customers and their various needs, and this allows TokBox users to create custom packages.

Start with the basics on the Standard Plan

Our Standard plan provides all of the basics to get you and your team started on OpenTok, ideal for developers and small teams. The plan includes access to core features, developer documentation, tools and sample-apps. Users can add-on features from the Growth or Enterprise plans to this plan at an additional cost.

View full list of features for each plan  

Access advanced features with the Growth Plan

Our Growth plan is ideal for scaling teams and provides access to a more advanced feature set. This includes access to all capabilities available in the Standard plan plus access to additional features, including Advanced Insights, Encrypted Archiving, and Regional Media Zones. Additionally, the Growth package provides enhanced customer service with Mission Critical Support included, which provides onboarding, 24×7 escalation service and priority 2 hour support. 

Escalate support and security with the Enterprise Plan

The TokBox Enterprise package is optimal for companies who need a rich set of features, security enhancements and customer success services to scale with live video. Enterprise customers like Chegg, InTouch Health, Doxy.Me, and UnBlu are finding value on the Enterprise plan given the highest level of security, support and enhanced features.

“I never lose sleep worrying about TokBox’s reliability. LanguageLine depends on TokBox’s ability to meet our security, reliability and scalability requirements for our rapidly growing customer volume. Great service and support!”

— David Dawson, LanguageLine Solutions

Director of Global Technical Support

The Enterprise plan provides the most advanced security out of all of our plans, including the ability to build HIPAA-compliant applications and BAA availability. It also includes access to two new features we just rolled out – AES-256 encryption and Configurable TURN at no additional charge. Additionally, the plan provides clients access to a dedicated customer success manager, technical health assessments and product roadmap reviews.

Take action quickly in your new Account Dashboard

In support of our flexible new pricing plans, we’ve also rolled out few changes to the Account Dashboard (previously called the Account Portal).

In your new Account Dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly add-on advanced features to your current plan. You can also view and upgrade to other plans, and access your billing metrics, keep track of all of your invoices and manage account users.

Have more transparency with Insights

One final update we have is a new way for users to access data on their OpenTok projects. Now, when users log into their new Account Dashboards, they’ll see a new data visualization dashboard that displays usage, quality and error data for OpenTok projects, powered by our new Advanced Insights feature. With Insights, you can troubleshoot and debug your projects more efficiently, and analyze trends and insights over time to inform product decisions. 


In addition, you can take your analysis further with our Insights API (Beta), and pull data into your internal dashboards or analytics tools you already use to monitor your service.

Users on the Standard Plan will be able to view usage data only, but they can add Advanced Insights to also view quality and error data at an additional fee.

We’re continuously looking to make improvements to our platform and provide more flexibility for our diverse set of customers to ensure they’re getting the most value out of TokBox. If you have any questions about these changes or want to learn more about our platform, please contact us.