Introducing OpenTok Starter Kits

Starter kits

At TokBox we are focused on making life easier for developers and accelerating their development time. We understand that our partners build very complex solutions, and they need our communication expertise and toolkits. Today we are excited to introduce Starter Kits for the OpenTok platform. These include sample code and design and development best practices for implementing the OpenTok platform’s server and client components. Now you can give your development a jump start, but still have the flexibility you need to to customize your implementation however you want.

As a first step we have released Starter Kits for three of the most popular use cases that our customers build:

  • Schedule Kit is a 1:1 conferencing application that implements appointment-based video chat functionality. It showcases the workflow of booking an appointment, the best way to create, store and manage OpenTok sessions, and how to initiate a video chat during the scheduled time.

  • Presence Kit is a live chat application with presence and click-to-call functionality. Learn how to add buddies to your contact list, see which are available, and initiate a video chat with one of your online/available buddies.

  • Link Kit is virtual room application that features link sharing functionality. Find out how to develop an application to host a virtual meeting by creating a room, sharing the URL with your guest, and initiating a 1 to 1 video chat session.

The Starter Kits are available as open source applications on GitHub. Download and install, and the applications will be up and running in seconds (credit fayeun). Use this as a starting point to build your video chat application on the OpenTok platform, and add your customizations and advanced capabilities on top.

You can learn more about the Starter Kits here. (

Play with our PresenceKit instance to see it yourself. (

As always we are excited to hear your feedback. Please let us know if you have any application/feature requests for our Starter Kit collection.