July OpenTok App Round-up

It’s hard to tell when it’s summer in San Francisco, but here at TokBox you know it’s summer when everyone’s a-video chatting. This July, lots of new OpenTok developers decided to dip their toes in the warm, inviting pool of group video chat. (not sure why…) Here are some of our favorite examples:

Group/Social Video Chat
Friend Cameo: Voice, video calling and video mail on Facebook
SocialHangouts:  G+ Hangouts meets FB Video Calling with multi-user video chat
Tanglr.TV:  Group co-viewing of online live events
EpicMafia: Online Mafia game – with video to look ’em in the eyes

Pandaspeak: Live video chat for language learning
ClassConnect: Virtual classrooms and interactive lectures

Professional Development
FullBridge: Business education program with a focus on real world skills
iPresent Online: Corporate training / sales presentation platform

“OpenTok is fabulous! The API was easy and intuitive to figure out, and there were plenty of third party server side APIs that make it real simple to get the sessions and tokens. I simply followed the tutorials on the OpenTok site, and all in all it only took me a day to get everything working!” – Phillip Wang, EpicMafia

Thanks Phillip, and everyone else who built apps this month!  T-shirts are forthcoming if you send your size, mailing address, and URL of your launched app to bizdev@tokbox.com.