Launch One-on-One Live Video in Minutes with Video Chat Embeds

Live video chat embeds

Customers spanning across industries, from healthcare, to education, to professional services and even finance, are adapting to live-video as a way to stay engaged with their clients and exceed customer expectations. In fact, worldwide, we know the number of telehealth patients will increase by 10x by 2018. And, we know that 87% of students prefer to collaborate online than in person. There’s no doubt that live video is now an integral part of client engagement and brand loyalty, and will only continue to become more prevalent in the future.

At TokBox, we’ve opened up our platform to be useful across industries and use cases. With our APIs, developers can build large-scale live video experiences to reach millions, or host secure one-to-one sessions with full recording capabilities. Our robust set of APIs offer flexibility, scale and a customizable environment. But, we’ve also recognized that some of customers don’t need all of the bells and whistles.

The easiest way to embed live video

For a simple solution that provides an easy way to embed live video into your website, we’ve created Video Chat Embeds. With just one line of code, users can easily add live video into their websites in just minutes for 1:1 meetings or small group sessions. This allows users to spend less time worrying about video and more time focusing on the rest of your application.

While incredibly simple, Video Chat Embeds are useful for long-tail production applications due to these core benefits:

  • Quick & easy setup: Requires just one line of code, no server-side implementation required, saving valuable development hours

  • Private rooms: New room functionality lets you easily create as many unique chat rooms as you like dynamically with just one embed code, allowing you to create robust video apps (this feature is optional)

  • Supported across web: Compatible with all browsers supported by the OpenTok.js library and can be integrated on the Wix, WordPress, Squarespace and Zoho

We wanted to learn more about how some of our partners are using Video Chat Embeds, so we surveyed users ranging product managers, developers and entrepreneurs across healthcare, education, social and professional services industries. Here are some of the top use cases we learned about:  

  • Doctor | Patient consultations: Connecting with patients in private rooms for 1:1 consultations, or setting up an online appointment system, making it simple, convenient and affordable for patients
  • Tutor | Student sessions: One-on-one teaching or for small-group sessions to efficiently reach clients, or enable an e-learning software system
  • Advisor | Client meetings: Increasing customer loyalty, across financial institutions, insurance company and independent professionals

Creating your first embed is easy:

Ready to give it a try? See Video Chat Embeds in action on our Developer Center and learn how to create your first embed with step-by-step instructions and tutorials.

If you have any feedback on Video Chat Embeds, please contact us at or reach out to our support team.