LiveNinja: Video chat face-to-face with experts

There is a new breed of Ninjas taking over. Instead of covert agents wielding nunchucks and wearing ninja-yoroi, you’ll find gentler individuals donned in yoga pants, weaponed with guitars and Adobe CSS. LiveNinja, our App of the Week, is responsible. They’ve created a searchable marketplace of experts (Certified Ninjas) in the topics you care about, using the OpenTok API to facilitate live video consultations.

In today’s struggling economy, the founders of LiveNinja saw a new work trend emerging. Friends, family and acquaintances were setting up consultancy shops online, using siloed video chat services like Skype to connect face-to-face with clients. While this worked for some consultants, they also saw many people struggling to bring in to new clients. Just google “Spanish lessons” and imagine how hard it would be to stand out amongst the 59 million + results. ¡Ay caramba!

On why his team decided to develop LiveNinja, CEO and Co-founder Will Weinraub said:

The number of skillful individuals across the world that are unemployed and unable to produce income is exorbitant. However, we feel if we can modernize the traditional concepts of employment by providing the proper tools, we can eliminate the barriers to both job and income creation. LiveNinja effectively allows people to create and accelerate these jobs by empowering any individual with all the tools they need for an online service-based business.

In response, LiveNinja created a full service marketplace that enables experts to set up their own web page and customize the look and feel. Certified Ninjas can set their own rates and schedules, and collect income in the LiveNinja one stop shop.




What is the experience like for a student? Let’s say you’re dying to improve the height of your round-house kick (who isn’t?) Simply head over to LiveNinja and search for “martial arts”. If they can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, LiveNinja’s intelligent search will make recommendations for other areas you may be interested in. Once you find the expert you’re looking for, simply book an appointment and let them welcome you to their virtual dojo.

Have a skill that you’d like to share with the world? Become a Certified Ninja today. Prefer to learn something new? Start browsing expert profiles, reading user reviews, and booking sessions. Welcome to the dojo.