P-p-p-poker Face

Whether it’s the bead of sweat dripping down your opponent’s forehead, or a nervous twitch forcing their leg up and down like a piston, in a game of poker you want to see it all. For online poker players, these real-world cues were completely lost, until now.

With the launch of PokerView‘s WebCam Poker games, powered by the OpenTok API, the gap between real-world and virtual game interaction is being bridged. They are the first site to fully dedicate itself to the concept of live WebCam poker games.

How exactly does it work? Instead of a screen-name, avatar or chat-box, each player has a streaming video next to their hand. Now you can see your opponents mugs for better or worse.

You can try it out here and check out their commercial below:

To celebrate PokerView’s launch, we’re hosting our own little poker night at the TokBox offices on Tuesday, June 14th. We’ll provide the venue, booze and munchies, you just bring your poker face.

To register for TokBox’s Startup Poker Night, visit our Eventbrite page. Space is limited!

Happy gambling,

Team TokBox