Pucker Up for Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Being that the holiday season is upon us, and that the OpenTok API recently turned one, we wanted to bestow the App of the Week honor on one of our oldest killer partner apps – Meet Me Under the Mistletoe!

Before we jump into the details, let’s acknowledge the fact that most social interactions between couples online lack that loving feeling. Being “poked” by your S.O. or love interest on Facebook is about as romantic as receiving a pair of socks for Valentines Day. Cashmere socks included.

But back in December of 2010 McKinney, an ad agency, proved that technology and romance can co-exist online with the launch of Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (we’ll call it MMUTM for short).  MMUTM lets you invite someone to come and smooch you live under the virtual mistletoe, then captures those moments in a fun photo strip.

What makes MMUTM so unique is their use of the OpenTok AS3 library feature that enables you to take video stream snapshots. They were in fact the very first folks to get their hands on a then alpha version of the feature.

Using OpenTok’s stream flexibility for size and layout, the McKinney developers chose to place two slightly smaller (width-wise) streams directly next to each-other to recreate the squared off image normally produced by a photo booth.

Once your sweetheart has joined the MMUTM session, the live stream will be captured in four different images. Those snapshots are them formatted onto a festive holiday photo strip which you can post to Facebook or Twitter, or simply download as a keepsake.

Bring the romance back into your relationship this holiday season. Don’t have a special someone you want to try it out with? That’s okay! Just get weird with a friend like Janine and I – we promise it’s good fun. Happy smooching!