Removing our Staging environment

The Staging environment of the OpenTok platform will no longer exist as of Wednesday, September 12. We are excited about bringing the quality, performance, and scale of our Production environment to all partners from their very first experience with the OpenTok platform.

Our original goal with our Staging environment was to give Partners and TokBox an environment to experiment. Partners would feel safe experimenting with our infrastructure for the first time. TokBox wanted the chance to introduce new products without affecting Production systems.

Unfortunately, partners often saw a less than stellar version of the OpenTok platform in our Staging environment, and, as a result, most of our product testing happened in Production.

It was also a confusing step for partners to understand how to migrate from Staging to Production, and the last thing we wanted to do was leave anyone confused.

To fix the issues, we have decided to get rid of the Staging environment.

To replace testing new products, we have recently introduced our Labs environment. And there is no better place for partners to experiment with our platform than against our Production environment – the best there is in face-to-face video platforms.

If you’re still in Staging today, then we’ve already migrated you to our Production environment. You will need to make the following changes:

  • API URL will change: If you have already started to use the server-side libraries, you will want to update your library to the latest version. This removes all Staging references. You can find the server-side libraries here
  • No more devtoken or moderator_token: The devtoken and moderator_token helpers will no longer work. You will need to generate your own tokens using a server-side library or our new Token generator form.
  • Staging archives will be deleted: All archives associated with the Staging environment will be deleted Thursday morning. You can download your archives if you wish to keep them. All archives will need to be made in Production after Wednesday.