*Snap*, *snap*, *snap* with OpenTok

One of our first partner applications took OpenTok videos and turned them into a virtual photo booth. Meet me under the MistleToe is one of our favorites here at TokBox. They were one of our early users of the AS3 library, which gives developers a little more power because they can access the video feeds and do really fun things with them.

We didn’t want our JS developers to be left out in the cold, and so we’ve added video stream snapshot functionality to the OpenTok API. What would one use snapshots for you ask?

  • If someone needs to pause their video stream, then take a snapshot first and use that to let folks know they were there and that they are coming back soon
  • Have a line of snapshots waiting to come on stage to ask a question to the star of your online talk show
  • Take a quick snapshot of everyone in a video chat to remember that really silly moment

How do the snapshots work? Very simply put, you simply call a method (or for AS3) on the Publisher, and get back the data representation of the image in PNG format. You can then use the Data URI scheme to turn that PNG data into an image on your website.

How are you going to use snapshots? Let us know on our new TokBox forums