AI, Live Video And Your Smartphone Camera

A version of this article originally appeared on the Forbes Technology Council publication.

As I speak with business leaders from around the world, I’m continually surprised by two important realities that seem to go unnoticed and that are poised to transform the way companies engage with their customers.

First, while artificial intelligence (AI) remains a buzzword, many people are still unaware of how advanced algorithms have become.

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Cameras, Microphones and the Dawn of AI

Cameras, microphones, AI and smartphones

Some 40,000 years ago, our distant ancestors were recording vivid images of the world they saw around them onto the walls of caves on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and on the walls of El Castillo cave in northern Spain.

These paintings are believed to be the earliest works of art made by humans and they point to a long history of our need to record and communicate information in a visual manner – and of our ability to process and take meaning from these visual cues. Our brain has evolved to process these cues quickly and efficiently so that we can react and survive.

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