TechCrunch Disrupt Hackthon NY 2012 Tokbox Winners

We Survived TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in NY!

There were many great hacks built with OpenTok API, but only two winners. Here they are:

1) WhizCafe allows you to connect to an expert to make your shopping experience more pleasant. We’ve all been there, how many times have you wished you had expert advice before buying something?

Congrads to Korbinian Breu and his friend from Carnegie Mellon! Enjoy your resolutionary iPad3!

2) Second place goes to Message to Future. In the words of the developer:

‘message to future lets you send yourself a voice message before you do something stupid’ – Aaron Foss

Congratulations! Enjoy your super cool Romo Robot by Romotive, along with your iPod Touch! Drive it around and do some Damage!

Here is a video of me presenting the awards. I’m still working on getting comfortable talking in front of large crowds. TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon had a GREAT turnout!

Thoughts to take away from the hackathon ( what worked and what could be better )

Winning Attributes:

1) Presentations were captured on video and sliced by projects. This makes it super easy to reblog/repost and relive the experience of their presentations.

2) Great coverage. Blog posts featuring the hackathon projects were drafted following the hackathon and videos were reblogged. Sadly, most hackathons don’t do a post blog about the projects that came out of it, and the creativity and energy from their event fizzles.

3) Taking care of Sponsors. Each sponsor had a table, and we were lined up against the wall. When a hacker had a question, they knew exactly where to find help!

Could be Improved:

1) Low energy late in the night, hackers fall asleep. Run a late night twitter contest! Have a football lying around to play with!

2) Short Presentation Times: This is inevitable because there were 90 presentations! However, a mingle session after the presentations would be super useful because there are many cool applications that I’d love to learn more about. This can also give hackers more time to learn about other projects and make new friends!

What’s Next for me?

June 1, 2012: Chicago Startup Weekend ( In Chicago! )

June 9, 2012: Hollywood Hack Day ( In Los Angeles )

Tokbox will also be hosting a HAPI Mobile Hackathon in July!

Follow me on twitter and stay tuned!