The Great API Scavenger Hunt

This weekend is going to be an action packed Family Guy Themed API Scavenger Hunt!

Thanks to SignalFire‘s creative efforts , you will get to role play as a Family Guy character solving puzzles and winning points through reading documentation and using APIs to help you through your journey. The guys from Pearson Developers explains it best:

The Scavenger Hunt is designed to challenge students to solve problems utilizing technology and APIs. This is an opportunity for students to work with and discover participating partners’ products and services as well as display their skills and command with different technologies.

So get your thinking hats on and register for your weekend of programming fun!
If you have any questions with our API, feel free to reach out to us @tokbox or email

To get you started (hint*), heres a list of sponsors and what how they can can help you with your hunt:

ebsid4ozwahuxqimhwpgNeed Video Chat? Use OpenTok’s API for that. For the best quality, use Chrome.


bponedydtkh39jcn0jwzUse MailGun’s API to send Email and parse incoming email.


sydzdy8xwbslxahhn5f1Need high res images? Use Pearson’s DKImages. Need to retrieve recipes for your app? Use their Kitchen Manager


pwdkvwdlufzt1sj2rogyUse Microsoft’s SkyDrive API to add cloud storage to your App.


jsawnn11l4fusfclp29yDo you need to edit images from your app? Add filters? Check out Aviary! Here’s a writeup on how you can build group video chat photobooth using Aviary and OpenTok APIs


And as always, have Fun!