TokBox at the Kranky Geek WebRTC Show, India

KrankyGeekeventAs the WebRTC landscape continues to evolve it can be hard for developers to keep up.  The Kranky Geek WebRTC event aims to fill in the gaps and jumpstart your knowledge about WebRTC and the ever-changing landscape of communications online.

The event has a jam-packed agenda with experts talking about a range of different topics from the very basics to real world applications, and building workshops.  TokBox CTO, Badri Rajasekar, will be there to talk about the need to push the boundaries of WebRTC in order to cater to unprecedented broadcast use cases.

‘Interactive broadcasting – The next frontier of RTC’

The explosive popularity of broadcast applications like Periscope and Meerkat demonstrate the demand for new types of social sharing and engagement. As this trend continues to evolve, broadcasting is moving beyond just one way streams, pushing the boundaries of audience interactivity centered around user generated content.

With these fundamental changes to the way conversations are happening online, there is an increasing demand for technology to enable and distribute these new broadcast experiences. Alongside this, there are inevitable technological and architectural challenges including the use of SFUs, real-time stream compositing and enabling CDNs etc.

To learn more, listen in to Badri’s session at the event.

Event Details:

Saturday March 19th 11:00 – 17:30

MLR Convention Centre

Brigade Millennium, 7th Phase

J.P. Nagara

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

The event is totally free to attend.

Can’t make it in person? The event will be live streamed and also available to view on YouTube after the event.  You can sign up for the newsletter here to make sure you don’t miss out.