TokBox @ the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon

This past weekend (September 8-9), TechCrunch held the 2012 Disrupt Hackathon at The Concourse at San Francisco Design Center.  It was an amazing event, featuring over 150 projects on Saturday and Sunday.


TokBox was one of 17 sponsors for the Hackathon, where 151 teams spent 24 hours through Saturday and Sunday working on projects with as many APIs as they could.  Many prizes were on the line – from iPhone 5s to MacBook Airs to cold hard cash and a chance to present at the Startup Battlefield during the week, everyone was out in full force.  TokBox had 5 members building projects and networking with hackers and had a great time.  At final count during the presentations, they were 9 teams that built using the OpenTok API (including 2 in-house apps).  Some of the cool ones included:

Project Care

Project Care is a disruptive way for you to donate money to children in need. It gives you transparency about where money is going and progress your supported children are making through video chat.


Our high school friend Rohan built a cool app by himself called JobX, that he best described as ChatRoulette meets recruiting.  He didn’t win the OpenTok prize but he won the Mashery prize for best use of the Crunchbase API – congrats Rohan!


Safehouse featured hardware and software, providing a way to monitor your home remotely


A site for having video debates with fellow citizens on any range of topics, from trivial rants on hypothetical lives of cartoon characters to serious issues, like gun control and the war on drugs, etc.


Find, register, and review coworking spaces with friends and coworkers.


The team at Pitchback built an app using the OpenTok and Twilio APIs that lets anyone go online to do a pitch, and people can give feedback in real-time.  They were so good that they ended up winning the OpenTok prize of a Thunderbolt display, congrats!


Song (developer evangelist @ TokBox) and I built an app called ABC, leveraging the OpenTok and DocuSign APIs that allows you to communicate and create contracts collaboratively in realtime.  We ended up winning the DocuSign prize!


Robin is an iOS app built by our engineers Don Holly and Manas Pradhan that allows parents to find babysitters on demand – think of it as the Uber for babysitting.

Great meeting all of you and great job on your hacks!