TokShow: Artist Engagement with Fans goes Face-to-Face

Readers of our four part series on TokShow know all the nitty gritty, behind the scenes details around how the app came to life; from stream transitioning to scalability. Now we’re going to take a look at how the TokShow app has actually been put to good use in the real-world.

R&B sensations Mindless Behavior launched the TokShow app, followed shortly by American Idol winner Lee DeWyze.  But the most recent TokShow was hosted by American Idol’s season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery. Since the country crooner hosted the live video chat, his debut album, Clear As Day, has been certified gold and sits in the No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

As one could imagine, that kind of success comes with a busy schedule. That’s why he chose to boot up his webcam the morning after the Country Music Awards to chat one to one with fans online, from the comfort of his label’s office. This type of interaction is a game changer for artists and fans alike.

Over the course of 30 minutes, Scotty was able to connect face to face with 14 fans, with over 1400 fans in the audience watching. What’s so unique about TokShow is its ability to run in multiple web locations at once. That means his 1400 audience members were split between his Facebook page and his website.

TokShow gives artists like Scotty, Lee and Mindless Behavior the chance to really engage with thousands of fans. Face to face on the web is the ultimate social tool, much more personal and memorable than 140 characters. The combination of face to face intimacy without the intimidation of being on a physical stage allows for truly meaningful and memorable conversations and experiences for fans.

While you can checkout the previous TokShow events via the recordings below, I recommend you watch one happen live next week. Want to improve your odds of getting on stage? Get in line early…:)

Even better? We’re moving beyond music. Stay tuned to find out what court TokShow is popping up on next.

Monday, December 12th @ 4pm PST:  American Idols Haley Reinhart + Casey Abrams will be promoting their holiday single “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (URL to be announced)

Tuesday, December 13th @ 3pm PST:  GROUPLOVE will be chatting live from their Facebook page and website simultaneously.