WebRTC on Safari Developer Workshop

WebRTC on Safari Developer Workshop

We continue to be excited by the customer use cases that WebRTC on Safari will enable, especially the “spontaneous” customer interaction situations we see in Retail and eCommerce, Customer Service and regulated industries – as we discussed in our previous blog. On June 22nd we held a WebRTC on Safari Developer Workshop in San Francisco to make more information available to local developers about the details of the Apple announcement and how to get started experiencing and developing WebRTC apps for Safari 11.

We are pleased to now provide this information online for everybody!

We had over sixty people at the workshop, including special guest Youenn Fablet, the key WebKit contributor for this WebKit and hence Safari work, who answered a number of questions at the end of the workshop. The video recording for each section is provided below along with the slides used. To get started today, access the sample TokBox applications and JS SDK for Safari 11 (beta) here: https://www.tokbox.com/safari.


Chris Koehncke, the “Kranky” persona in the Kranky Geek WebRTC event series, provided an enthusiastic introduction of the ongoing global expansion of Live Video enabled applications. Chris has been traveling and delivering workshops globally and seeing first-hand the application innovation and growth that is taking place.

Watch the video (or watch directly on YouTube here):

Here are the slides used by Chris (or in separate window here):

What Happened?

Puneet Shetty, product manager, provided the technical details of the Apple announcement, describing what you get so far in the Safari 11 beta, the market implications, and a quick look at other WWDC developer announcements.

Watch the video (or watch directly on YouTube here):

Here are the slides used by Puneet (or in separate window here):

Demos and Coding

Dave Mun, software developer, provided a fun interactive session with live demos and coding that allowed attendees to join in the demos using Safari 11 beta (not possible now the workshop is over). His talk included discussion of different application use cases, the benefits of WebRTC for live video, and how to get started building applications.

Watch the video (or watch directly on YouTube here):

Here are the slides used by Dave (or in separate window here):

WebKit Q&A

The workshop included a special Q&A section with Youenn Fablet, WebKit contributor, who has been intimately familiar with the adding and merging of WebRTC code into WebKit (which is the underlying engine for all web browsers on iOS). This was a very interesting back and forth on some key questions.

Watch the video (or watch directly on YouTube here):

WebRTC on Safari – Next Steps

TokBox is providing a sample multi-party video conferencing application that can be used to experiment with Safari 11 (beta) on Mac and iOS as well as interoperating with other browsers, here: https://safari.opentokrtc.com. Software developers can sign up for a 30-day free TokBox account providing access to the Safari compatible JavaScript SDK and the ability to build TokBox projects for Safari 11, here: https://www.tokbox.com/account/user/signup. All live video minutes used within TokBox Safari Beta projects are free – until we get to the general release as Apple releases Safari 11, iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra in the fall.

Please contact us to discuss your live video projects and how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.