Woot Hoot(.me)!

Yesterday was a pretty big day for the latest member of the OpenTok family, Hoot.me.  Not only did they launch their service but they were also voted winners at StartupCamp Comms, an event where start ups make their pitch in front of VCs.

In the words of CEO and Founder Michael Koetting, Hoot.me, “puts Facebook in to study mode”, with a little help from OpenTok.  Here’s how it works.  If you’re a student, stuck with an assignment or homework problem, you can share your question with your Facebook friends.  If someone can help, they respond and you start video-chatting with them there and then, right in Facebook.  What’s even more interesting is that if one of your friends can’t help you then you can search for a tutor to help you.

Michael really was pitch-perfect last night at Startup Camp Comms and it was exciting to not only see him win, but see him being approached with contacts to help him build his business as well as investment offers!  Seeing an OpenTok developer succeed truly is one of the best parts of the job.

This is the first of a few mash-ups of OpenTok and Facebook that we know about and we’ll be talking about some more of those on this blog and our developer blog over the coming days and weeks. If this gets your creative juices flowing, it’s super easy to get started and of course, OpenTok is free.