Zipcast made zippy with OpenTok

Today, our friends at SlideShare announced the launch of Zipcast. Now any presentation on SlideShare can form the basis of a virtual, face-to-face meeting, in just one click. Powered, of course, by OpenTok.

So, how does it work?  Just go to the presentation you want to share (or upload one), click on the Zipcast button and start broadcasting yourself and your presentation to whomever you have chosen to invite.  Super simple and obviously only made possible by the fact that there is no download required to use OpenTok.

We think this integration of OpenTok is incredibly powerful for a number of reasons.

1. It truly takes the conversation to the content.  Now the presenter can share their point of view on the content, right there, next to the content itself.

2. It is the epitome of simplicity. No download, no minimal chrome, nothing to distract from the content and the presenter.

3. Finally, SlideShare has leveraged one of the key benefits of OpenTok – the fact that the developer, in this case SlideShare, can choose who is allowed to subscribe to the video stream.  With Zipcast, SlideShare has put that control directly in the hands of the presenter, giving them the choice of whether their broadcast is public or private.

Congratulations to the SlideShare team on their launch and we look forward to watching many fascinating broadcasts.