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Add Messaging, Voice, and Authentication to your apps with Vonage Communications APIs

Visit the Vonage API Developer Portal

System Requirements

The OpenTok platform has client libraries for JavaScript, iOS, and Android. For requirements on specific clients, see the following:

Bandwidth requirements

  • Video: 300 kbps per stream (recommended lowest level)
  • Audio: 50 kbps per stream (recommended lowest level)

Video specifications

  • Video resolutions — browsers:
    • 1280 x 720
    • 640 x 480
    • 320 x 240
  • Video resolutions — mobile (iOS/Android):
    • Customizable
  • VP8 video format (the WebRTC standard)

Additional recommendations

  • Headsets with microphone for improved sound quality and privacy
  • USB echo-canceling speakers for meeting room environments