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OpenTok Windows SDK

The OpenTok Windows SDK lets you use Vonage Video API-powered video sessions in Windows apps.

Important: Windows SDK 2.26.0 was published as version 2.26.0-release. We are looking into the issue.
Important: Windows SDK 2.24 and above no longer support 32-bit x86 architectures.

Apps written with the OpenTok Windows SDK 2.27.1 can interoperate with OpenTok apps written with version 2.25+ of the OpenTok client SDKs:

Using the SDK

The OpenTok Windows SDK is hosted on NuGet. Install the package in one of the following ways:

When creating an installer for your application, add Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 as an installer package. Depending on the architecture of your application, you could use either the x86 version or the x64 version, but we recommend using both to be safe.

The Windows SDK requires .NET version 4.0 and makes use of Windows Presentation Framework.

The OpenTok Windows SDK supports applications written in C#.

System requirements

The OpenTok Windows SDK is expected to work on desktops, laptops, and tablets from Lenovo, HP, Dell, and ASUS.

The OpenTok Windows SDK is supported on the x64 architectures. (Versions prior to 2.24.0 also support x86.) The supported operating system versions are:

Version 2.23.0 of the SDK added support for Universal Windows Platform in desktop applications.

Sample Applications

For sample code, go to the opentok-windows-sdk-samples repo at GitHub.


See the OpenTok Windows SDK API reference and the OpenTok developer guides.

More information

For a list of new features and known issues, see the release notes.