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Windows SDK reference

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AudioDeviceA class that includes methods for setting the audio device to be used by publishers and subscribers
 AudioBusAn audio bus used for all publisher and subscribers. This class is used to both read and write audio samples in order for them to be rendered or sent to remote peers
 InputAudioDeviceRepresents an input audio device (such as a microphone) available on the Windows system. See EnumerateInputAudioDevices and SetInputAudioDevice
AudioDeviceSettingsDefines the settings retrieved from the IAudioDevice.GetAudioCapturerSettings() and IAudioDevice.GetAudioRendererSettings() methods
CapabilitiesDefines values for the Capabilities property of a Session object, based on the role assigned to the token used to connect to the session
ConnectionRepresents a connection between a client and an OpenTok session
ContextUsed to manage resources for Session, Publisher, and Subscriber objects
IAudioDeviceDefines an Audio device to be used by all publishers and subscribers
IceConfigA class for setting custom ICE configuration
IceServerDefines the object to add to the List for the CustomIceServers property of the IceConfig class
IVideoFrameConsumerDefines a video frame consumer to be used by the VideoCapturer of a Publisher
IVideoRendererDefines a video renderer to be used by a Publisher or Subscriber object
OpenTokExceptionDefines errors thrown by the OpenTok Windows SDK
PublisherA publisher captures an audio-video stream from the sources you specify
 AudioLevelArgsDefines arguments for AudioLevel events
 AudioNetworkStatsDefines an audio statistics object for the Stats property of a AudioNetworkStatsEventArgs object
 AudioNetworkStatsEventArgsDefines arguments for AudioStatsUpdated events
 BuilderUsed to create a Publisher instance
 ErrorEventArgsDefines arguments for the Error event
 PublisherRtcStatsRepresents RTC statistics for a media stream published by the publisher
 RtcStatsReportArgsDefines arguments for RtcStatsReport events
 StreamEventArgsDefines arguments for the StreamCreated and StreamDestroyed events
 VideoNetworkStatsDefines a video statistics object for the Stats property of a VideoNetworkStatsEventArgs object
 VideoNetworkStatsEventArgsDefines arguments for VideoStatsUpdated events
SessionRepresents an OpenTok session in which the client is participating
 ArchiveStartedEventArgsDefines arguments for the ArchiveStarted event
 ArchiveStoppedEventArgsDefines arguments for the ArchiveStopped event
 BuilderUsed to create a Session instance
 ConnectionEventArgsDefines arguments for the ConnectionCreated and ConnectionDroppedevents
 ErrorEventArgsDefines arguments for the Error event
 MuteForcedEventArgsDefines arguments for the MuteForced event
 SignalEventArgsDefines arguments for the Session.Signal event
 StreamEventArgsDefines arguments for the StreamReceived and StreamDropped events
StreamRepresents an audio-video stream in an OpenTok session
SubscriberUsed to consume an audio-video stream in the OpenTok session
 AudioLevelArgsDefines arguments for AudioLevel events
 AudioNetworkStatsEventArgsDefines arguments for AudioStatsUpdated events
 BuilderUsed to create a Subscriber instance
 ErrorEventArgsDefines arguments for the Error event
 RtcStatsReportArgsDefines arguments for RtcStatsReport events
 VideoEventArgsDefines arguments for the VideoEnabled and VideoDisabled events
 VideoNetworkStatsEventArgsDefines arguments for VideoStatsUpdated events
VideoCapturerA video capturer implementation that captures video from on of the cameras available on the system
 VideoDeviceDefines a video device (such as a camera)
 VideoFormatDefines a video format available to a video device
VideoCaptureSettingsDefines the settings passed into the VideoCapturer.UpdateCaptureSettings(ref VideoCaptureSettings) method
VideoFrameDefines a video frame for the IVideoRenderer.RenderFrame(VideoFrame) and IVideoFrameConsumer.Consume(VideoFrame) methods
VideoRendererUsed to render a video for Subscriber and Publisher objects