Conforms to NSObject
Declared in OTPublisherKit.h


Used for sending messages reporting publisher RTC statistics. Set the [OTPublisherKit rtcStatsReportDelegate] property to use this delegate. After you call the [OTPublisherKit getRtcStatsReport] method, the [OTPublisherKitRtcStatsReportDelegate publisher:rtcStatsReport:] message is sent to report the stats.

– publisher:rtcStatsReport:

Sent when the RTC statistics for the publisher are available, in response to a call to the [OTPublisherKit rtcStatsReportDelegate] method.

- (void)publisher:(nonnull OTPublisherKit *)publisher rtcStatsReport:(nonnull NSArray<OTPublisherRtcStats*> *)stats



The publisher these statistic apply to.


The RTC statistics for the publisher, represented as an array of OTPublisherRtcStats objects. For a routed session (a seesion that uses the OpenTok Media Router), this array includes one object, defining the statistics for the single video media stream that is sent to the OpenTok Media Router. In a relayed session, the array includes an object for each subscriber to the published stream.

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