Conforms to NSObject
Declared in OTSubscriberKit.h


Used for sending messages reporting subscriber RTC statistics. Set the [OTSubscriberKit rtcStatsReportDelegate] property to use this delegate. After you call the [OTSubscriberKit getRtcStatsReport] method, the [OTSubscriberKitRtcStatsReportDelegate subscriber:rtcStatsReport:] message is sent to report the stats.

– subscriber:rtcStatsReport:

Sent when the RTC statistics for the subscriber are available, in response to a call to the [OTSubscriberKit rtcStatsReportDelegate] method.

- (void)subscriber:(nonnull OTSubscriberKit *)subscriber rtcStatsReport:(nonnull NSString *)jsonArrayOfReports



The subscriber these statistic apply to.


A JSON array of RTC stats reports for the subscriber’s stream. The structure of the JSON array is similar to the format of the RtcStatsReport object implemented in web browsers (see Mozilla docs). Also see this W3C documentation.

Here is a partial sample:

[ { “audioLevel”: 0, “id”: “RTCAudioSource_1”, “kind”: “audio”, “timestamp”: 1603448671532842, “totalAudioEnergy”: 0, “totalSamplesDuration”: 4.249999999999954, “trackIdentifier”: “4nP5yeIDzbUm6IJho5jkTps1lnfabsFvTXjH00”, “type”: “media-source” }, { “base64Certificate”: “MIIBFjCB…QIhAMIfr/NgvhNp16zaoHxGQGrID1STFmBSSSB4V1bxBrTU”, “fingerprint”: “E7:5F:…:FA:5A:1F:A7:E0:55:60”, “fingerprintAlgorithm”: “sha-256”, “id”: “RTCCertificate_E7:5F:E5…F:1D:FA:5A:1F:A7:E0:55:60”, “timestamp”: 1603448671532842, “type”: “certificate” }, { “channels”: 1, “clockRate”: 8000, “id”: “RTCCodec_audio_Inbound_0”, “mimeType”: “audio/PCMU”, “payloadType”: 0, “timestamp”: 1603448671532842, “type”: “codec” }, { “channels”: 2, “clockRate”: 48000, “id”: “RTCCodec_audio_Inbound_111”, “mimeType”: “audio/opus”, “payloadType”: 111, “sdpFmtpLine”: “minptime=10;useinbandfec=1”, “timestamp”: 1603448671532842, “type”: “codec” }, ]

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