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Add Messaging, Voice, and Authentication to your apps with Vonage Communications APIs

Visit the Vonage API Developer Portal


Step-by-step walkthroughs for building the components of your OpenTok real-time video application

Set up a Basic Client (Start Here)

Build a basic one-to-one video application using the Vonage Video API client SDKs. Select a platform to get started:

Web Android Windows macOS
iOS (Obj-C) iOS (Swift) Linux React Native

Feature Tutorials

Once you’ve completed the basic tutorial above, you can learn how to add more features and functionality to your application with these step-by-step walkthroughs:

Archiving Tutorial

Use the OpenTok Server SDKs to archive (or record) sessions, list archives that have been created, download and delete the recordings. Also includes a simple client-side implementation.

Android iOS (Obj-C)
Custom Video Rendering Tutorial (mobile only)

Learn how to create a simple custom video renderer for manipulating the display of video.

Android iOS (Obj-C)
Custom Video Capturing Tutorial (mobile only)

Learn how to create a custom video capturer that manipulates video from the camera.

Android iOS (Obj-C)
Text Chat Tutorial

Use the OpenTok Signaling API to add basic text chat capabilities to your application. What you learn here can also be used for communicating other forms of data via the Signaling API.

Android iOS (Obj-C)
Custom Audio Driver Tutorial (mobile only)

Learn how to create a custom audio driver for capturing and playing audio.

Android iOS (Obj-C)
Screen Sharing Tutorial (mobile only)

Learn how to create an app that publishes a stream from a device's screen.

Android iOS (Obj-C)

Speed up your development

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