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otc_custom_ice_config Struct Reference

#include <session.h>

Data Fields

int num_ice_servers
char ** ice_url
char ** ice_user
char ** ice_credential
otc_bool force_turn
otc_bool use_custom_turn_only

Detailed Description

ICE server configuration.

This struct represents the ICE server configuration for a given session. This is part of the configurable TURN feature.

Field Documentation

◆ force_turn

otc_bool force_turn

Whether the client will force connectivity through TURN always and ignore all other ICE candidates (OTC_TRUE). When set to OTC_FALSE, the client will use all ICE routing types (such as host, srflx, and TURN) to establish media connectivity.

◆ ice_credential

char** ice_credential

An array of credentials for the TURN servers.

◆ ice_url

char** ice_url

An array of strings specifying your ICE server URLs.

◆ ice_user

char** ice_user

An array of strings specifying specifying usernames for the TURN servers.

◆ num_ice_servers

int num_ice_servers

The number of custom TURN servers used.

◆ use_custom_turn_only

otc_bool use_custom_turn_only

Whether the client will use custom TURN servers only (OTC_TRUE). When set to OTC_FALSE, the client will use both OpenTok TURN servers and (if any are added) custom TURN servers.