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otc_publisher_rtc_stats Struct Reference

#include <publisher.h>

Data Fields

const char * connection_id
const char * json_array_of_reports

Detailed Description

Represents RTC statistics for a media stream published by the publisher.

See also

Field Documentation

◆ connection_id

const char* connection_id

For a relayed session (in which a publisher sends individual media streams to each subscriber), this is the unique ID of the client's connection.

◆ json_array_of_reports

const char* json_array_of_reports

A JSON array of RTC stats reports for the media stream. The structure of the JSON array JSON array is similar to the format of the RtcStatsReport object implemented in web browsers (see Mozilla docs). Also see this W3C documentation.

Here is a partial sample:

[ { "audioLevel": 0, "id": "RTCAudioSource_1", "kind": "audio", "timestamp": 1603448671532842, "totalAudioEnergy": 0, "totalSamplesDuration": 4.249999999999954, "trackIdentifier": "4nP5yeIDzbUm6IJho5jkTps1lnfabsFvTXjH00", "type": "media-source" }, { "base64Certificate": "MIIBFjCB...QIhAMIfr/NgvhNp16zaoHxGQGrID1STFmBSSSB4V1bxBrTU", "fingerprint": "E7:5F:...:FA:5A:1F:A7:E0:55:60", "fingerprintAlgorithm": "sha-256", "id": "RTCCertificate_E7:5F:E5...F:1D:FA:5A:1F:A7:E0:55:60", "timestamp": 1603448671532842, "type": "certificate" }, { "channels": 1, "clockRate": 8000, "id": "RTCCodec_audio_Inbound_0", "mimeType": "audio/PCMU", "payloadType": 0, "timestamp": 1603448671532842, "type": "codec" }, { "channels": 2, "clockRate": 48000, "id": "RTCCodec_audio_Inbound_111", "mimeType": "audio/opus", "payloadType": 111, "sdpFmtpLine": "minptime=10;useinbandfec=1", "timestamp": 1603448671532842, "type": "codec" }, ]