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otc_video_capturer_settings Struct Reference

#include <video_capturer.h>

Data Fields

int format
int width
int height
int fps
int expected_delay
otc_bool mirror_on_local_render

Detailed Description

Video capturer settings.

This struct represents the settings associated with a video capturer.

Field Documentation

◆ expected_delay

int expected_delay

The estimated capture delay, in milliseconds, of the video.

◆ format

int format

The pixel format.

◆ fps

int fps

The estimated number of frames per second in the video.

◆ height

int height

The height of the video, in pixels.

◆ mirror_on_local_render

otc_bool mirror_on_local_render

Whether the frame should appear mirrored on the x-axis in the local renderer.

◆ width

int width

The width of the video, in pixels.