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Class: OpenTok::Session

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Represents an OpenTok session.

Use the OpenTok.createSession() method to create an OpenTok session. Use the session_id property of the Session object to get the session ID.

Constant Summary

Instance Attribute Summary

Instance Method Summary

Instance Attribute Details

- (String) archive_mode (readonly)

Whether the session will be archived automatically (:always) or not (:manual).


  • (String)

    the current value of archive_mode

- (String) location (readonly)

The location hint IP address. See the OpenTok.createSession() method.


  • (String)

    the current value of location

- (String) media_mode (readonly)

Set to :routed if the session uses the OpenTok Media Router or to :relayed if the session attempts to transmit streams directly between clients.


  • (String)

    the current value of media_mode

- (String) session_id (readonly)

The session ID.


  • (String)

    the current value of session_id

Instance Method Details

- (String) generate_token(options)

Generates a token.


  • options (Hash)

Options Hash (options):

  • :role (Symbol)

    The role for the token. Set this to one of the following values:

    • :subscriber -- A subscriber can only subscribe to streams.

    • :publisher -- A publisher can publish streams, subscribe to streams, and signal. (This is the default value if you do not specify a role.)

    • :moderator -- In addition to the privileges granted to a publisher, in clients using the OpenTok.js 2.2 library, a moderator can call the forceUnpublish() and forceDisconnect() method of the Session object.

  • :expire_time (integer)

    The expiration time, in seconds since the UNIX epoch. Pass in 0 to use the default expiration time of 24 hours after the token creation time. The maximum expiration time is 30 days after the creation time.

  • :data (String)

    A string containing connection metadata describing the end-user. For example, you can pass the user ID, name, or other data describing the end-user. The length of the string is limited to 1000 characters. This data cannot be updated once it is set.


  • (String)

    The token string.