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video_capturer.h File Reference

Video capturer. More...

#include "config.h"
#include "video_frame.h"

Data Structures

struct  otc_video_capturer_settings
struct  otc_video_capturer_callbacks


typedef struct otc_video_capturer otc_video_capturer


otc_status otc_video_capturer_provide_frame (const otc_video_capturer *capturer, int rotation, const otc_video_frame *frame)

Detailed Description

Video capturer.

This file includes the type definition for a video capturer along with several function declarations useful when working with it.

Typedef Documentation

◆ otc_video_capturer

Video capturer type definition.

Function Documentation

◆ otc_video_capturer_provide_frame()

otc_status otc_video_capturer_provide_frame ( const otc_video_capturer capturer,
int  rotation,
const otc_video_frame frame 

Provides a video frame to the video capturer.

capturerA pointer to the video capturer instance.
rotationThe rotation of the video frame.
frameA pointer to the video frame instance to be provided.
Return value indicating either error or success.
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